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As baby Kayden gained weight at rocket speed, at around the 3 month mark, I could no longer hold him in my arms for a long period of time without feeling extremely sore. To save my poor arms and back, I gave the infamous ERGObaby baby carrier a try.

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Benefits of wearing your baby:

Some of you might ask, why wear your baby? Why not put him down in a swing, carseat, or bouncer? To me, wearing my baby is a way to bond with him. When you wear your baby, he/she could feel your heartbeat, smell you, and share your body warmth. This closeness with you helps your little one feel safe as he/she explores the world.

Why Ergobaby?

I did quite a bit of research before buying the $100+ ERGObaby baby carrier. It is in fact one of the more expensive baby carriers on the market. However, it offers many unique benefits that caught my attention:

  • It is ergonomically designed to distribute weight to your hips rather than putting weight on your shoulders. This is why the ERGObaby baby carrier can be used to carry older and heavier toddlers (up to 45 lbs) compared to other brands. And so far, I can easily carry a 16 lbs Kayden using my ERGObaby baby carrier for hours without any shoulder and back pain.
  • It places baby in a perfect frog-legged position that minimizes strains on your baby’s developing spine.
  • It is light-weighted, soft-shell, and machine washable (super important!)
  • It allows me to carry my baby in 3 positions: front, back, and side. This would come in handy when my baby is a bit older and has better head and neck control.


Both Kayden and I love our ERGObaby baby carrier. For Kayden, it is super comfortable for him. He feels safe and he loves to be held close to me at all times.

For me, the ERGObaby baby carrier is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to trying to put a tired and frustrated baby Kayden to sleep. When he cries for a nap, simply put him into the carrier, walk or bounce on the exercise ball, and he would fall asleep within 5 minutes! And what’s better? He stays asleep in it! The carrier also frees up my hands to do my own things. I can even play the piano for my baby while wearing him : ) Also, I love the hood that comes with the carrier. For one it helps to block out distractions while I’m trying to put him to sleep. And more importantly, I can freely eat while wearing him without worrying about dripping sauce onto his little bald head.


I do find that the ERGObaby baby carrier is difficult to use in the beginning. You have to ensure the shoulder and hip straps are well adjusted before you put your baby in. If they are too loose, you risk the baby falling out and the weight does not distribute correctly. If they are too tight, it is hard to put the baby in without squeezing him/her. Also, it is difficult to attach the clip behind your back without help. However, with practice, I am getting much better at it.

Also, it can get hot wearing your baby. But I guess this is a general problem with all baby carriers as your baby is literally stuck onto you.

Overall rating:

I would give this product at 9.5 out of 10.

Ergobaby Baby Carrier Options:

For those of you who would like your baby to face forward, you might want to consider the ERGObaby Four Position 360.

For those of you outdoor lovers, you might want to consider the ERGObaby Cool Mesh line. It is made up of lightweight breathable mesh material that is perfect for warmer climates and outdoor activities.

For those of you who love organic products, ERGObaby also offers an organic version of the carrier that is soft and safe for your baby’s sensitive skin.

And lastly, for those of you who would like to wear your baby before the recommended weight of 14 lbs and age of 4 months, ERGObaby offers an infant insert for babies weighing 7 lbs and up. It provides perfect neck support and raises your baby up a tad in the carrier so that it fits better. For baby Kayden, since he is relatively big and has pretty good neck control, I opted out of this option. Instead, I followed this youtube video and used a rolled-up towel to raise up Kayden’s bum when he was younger.

No matter which line of product you choose, there are many designs to choose from. Make sure you shop around and pick the design that matches you the best!

Let me know if you have any recommendations on ERGObaby, other carriers, or baby-wearing in general!

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