Music for baby and mommy

Baby Mozart - Classical music baby brain development

Research has shown that listening to classical music may boost your baby’s brain development, concentration, and self-discipline. This is commonly known as the “Mozart Effect”. We have a collection of the best classical music for pregnant women, babies, and young children.

Children songs and nursery rhymes for entertainment, fun, and learning

A  collection of fun and engaging children songs and sing-along to enhance your child’s learning and emotional development. The list includes popular classics such as ABC, itsy bitsy spider, london bridge is falling down, twinkle twinkle little stars, and much more.

Lullaby and sleep music for a good night sleep.

A collection of lullabies from the greatest composers and spontaneous melodies sung and hummed by loving caregivers. Our lullabies have brought comfort and sleep to countless babies.

Pregnancy/Labor Music

Prenatal music can be used to reduce stress and labor pain. Not only so, studies have shown that mom and baby listening to music together creates a wonderful bonding and sharing experience.

White noises to help your baby sleep through the night. Sounds include womb, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, waterfall, etc.

Babies love white noise; it reminds them of their lives inside the womb. We have a collection of quality white noise helps to calm and soothe your baby for a good night sleep.

Funny sounds to make babies and toddlers laugh. Great for entertainment and baby brain development.

A collection of funny sounds like giggling, farting, blowing nose, and quaking to entertain and make your baby laugh. Happy baby, happy mommy!

Baby Mozart Children Christmas Songs, Christmas Carol

A fun and festive collection of children christmas songs and carols – Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, S-A-N-T-A, Silent Night, etc.

Baby Mozart Flashcards - Children, babies, toddlers ABC

Learn ABC with our fun and engaging flashcards. Each flashcard comes with the alphabet and a matching picture.

Baby Mozart Blog - Parenting advice for raising happy, healthy, intelligent babies

Our parenting tips and tricks to help your raise happy, healthy, sociable, and intelligent babies and children. Topics include baby sleep issues, breastfeeding, travel advice, baby brain development, etc.

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About Baby Mozart

All babies are born to love music. Before they even learn to speak, they babble musically and react to songs with enthusiasm. At Baby Mozart, we are passionate in providing you and your baby with the best tools to boost your baby’s brain development, to help you relax, and to help entertain and soothe your baby. We understand how hard parenting can be. As a little token of appreciation, we offer all our collections (classical music, children songs, lullabies, white noise, relaxation music, and funny sounds) for free. We hope you would enjoy our music and our tips and tricks on how to raise smart and happy children.

What is Mozart Effect?

Mozart effect refers a temporary increase in intelligence experienced after listening to a piano sonata written by Mozart. The concept has later evolved into parents believing listening to classical music may boost their brain development. This popular belief has yet to be proven scientifically, but one thing is for sure – listening to classical music by Mozart and other artists won’t hurt children, and may even give them an appreciation for art and music!

How does music boost my baby's brain development?

Between conception and age three, a child’s brain undergoes an impressive amount of change. Studies have found that if during this crucial time in your child’s life, he/she is exposed to different types of classical and children friendly music, brain regions key to music and speech really get a boost. This means it would be easier for them to learn to speak and, eventually, even to learn foreign languages. Listening to music often can also soothe your baby and make them happy and more sociable.

How does white noise help my baby sleep?

Even before they were born, babies are used to white noise like womb sounds, blood flowing, mommy breathing, and hear beating. These white noise are soothing and comforting for babies as they remind them of their lives in the womb. This in turn translates into calmer babies and better sleep.

Is this really free?

Yes, it is really free. All classical music, children songs, lullabies, white noise, relaxation music, and funny sounds are free of charge to parents and babies/toddlers/children who could benefit from them. Please visit us often as we are constantly updating our site to provide you with the best tools and tips & tricks on how to raise smart and happy kids.

Is there an mobile app for Baby Mozart?

Yes, we do! Our FREE app Baby Mozart is available on the app store. Make sure you download our app! It has the same amazing content as our website, but with added functionalities like timer, listen-mode, repeats, etc. You’ll love it, 100% guaranteed.

Do you offer other tips and tricks on how to raise smart and happy kids?

Yes. We have a Baby Mozart Blog that offers parenting advice and tips and tricks on how to raise smart, intelligent, and happy kids. Be sure to share with your friends and families our amazing tips if you find them useful! This is how we make a difference.

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