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Oct 24, 2017 | App Update | 0 comments

Baby Mozart was originally created for our little one to make sure he sleeps at night by using white noise to soothe him. We’ve then added other functions such as children music, classical music and funny sounds to keep him entertained. All of the free children music and free classical music in the app is meant to help other parents because I know how hard it is to play music from youtube or try to find it on a website to play on my phone. As our son grew, I’ve decided to add some flash cards to help him learn ABC. My wife recorded all the ABC flashcards and we plan to put other flashcards in the app in future releases. This app now supports 3 languages (English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese). We’re planning to add other languages to this app in future releases.

Let us know what new functions or free children music we should add into this app and we will try to add it in our next release. Here are some of our latest screenshots for this app.

Check out the press release covering this latest update.

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